Our 6 inch Brush Chipper Rental is meant to get the job done!

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Professional Grade
Our 6″ Brush Chipper Rental is powered by a 31 hp V-Twin engine with electric start. It will devour tree branches and brush up to 6″ in diameter. 

Easy to Use
Even though it’s professional grade, it’s still easy to use!

Our Brush Chipper Rental utilizes a series of load-sensing valves to optimize material feed. As the load on the feed system increases, the feed rate will automatically adapt to allow the flywheel to maintain maximum RPM.  This means less clogs or jams for you!

Safety First!
The operator safety bar allows for the manual start, stop, and reverse of the feed wheel, and the yellow safety bumper bar across the front of the feed chute provides an emergency stop for the feed wheel

Please Note:
This chipper is for wood and tree branches.  It is not for roots, vines or vine-like materials, metal or anything other than wood or tree branches.

Delivery service available.

Engine: Briggs  & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin 31hp
Fuel Capacity: 5 gallons

Height: 88″
Operating Length: 146″
Travel Length: 120″
Width: 70″
Weight: 1,890 lb.
Hitch: 2″ Diameter Ball  

Feed Roller Dimension: 8.2″
Rows of Teeth: 8
Infeed Table Width: 41″
Infeed Table Height: 25″
Infeed throat capacity: 7″ x 8″

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Brush Chipper Rental in Massachusetts