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What is Top Dressing / Compost Spreading?
Top dressing is the process of spreading additional soil (compost) over the surface of your lawn. You should spread the compost or top soil 1/4″ thick.  1 yard of compost or top soil typically covers 800-1000 square feet

4 Big Benefits of Top Dressing

1. Helps to Create a Smooth Surface

If you have any undulations or low spots in your lawn, top-dressing can help to smooth them out.

2. Helps in Controlling Lawn Thatch

When you top dress a lawn with good a high-quality mix, you introduce micro-organisms back into the soil. These help in the decomposition of organic material like dead grass roots, old clippings and other matter that causes lawn thatch to build up.

3. Improves the Soil Structure

Repeated applications of a sandy, loamy top dressing mixture to a heavy soil will improve the soil structure over time. Especially after core aeration. This will help to add nutrients back into the soil, improve drainage and reduce the chances of fungal infections.

Adding a loam mix to a dry, sandy soil will help it to retain moisture. This in turn helps to break down nutrients and aid grass growth.

4. Improves Germination and Growth When Overseeding

The application of top dressing ensures the new grass seed has plenty of contact with fertile soil in which it can germinate and grow quickly.

compost spreader rental in Massachusetts
top dresser rental in Massachusetts
top dresser rental in Massachusetts

 When should I Top Dress or Spread Compost?

It’s best to top dress your lawn when conditions for grass growth are at their best. This means, plenty of sun, rain and warmth.

This makes spring and autumn the best times of year for top dressing.

Achieving the best results from Top Dressing

  • Mow – before top-dressing, you’ll need to cut the grass fairly close.
  • Power Rake / Dethatch – to remove moss and/or thatch.
  • Core aerate – to relieve compaction.
  • Top dress
  • Overseed (if desired) – to grow new grass and help the lawn recover.
  • Fertilize – to give the new grass seed the nutrients it needs to germinate and grow quickly

How do I select the right Top Dressing Mix?

The good news is that choosing a top dressing mix is very simple.

Before you go out and buy a top dressing mix, remove a few cores of turf from your lawn and inspect the soil;

If it’s heavy clay – Choose a sandy loam mix to help improve drainage.
If it sandy – Use a loam mix, this will improve moisture retention.
If it’s somewhere in the middle – Use a sandy loam mix and give it the best of both worlds.

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Does Quality Matter?
When it comes to choosing a top dressing mix for your lawn, choose the very best quality you can afford.  This usually means having to fork out more money but the old cliché is true. You get what you pay for.

A few words about dryness.  There’s nothing worse than working with wet, clumpy soil. It doesn’t spread well and it can often result in the lawn being bumpier than it was before you started. Wet material does not work well in a compost spreader since it clumps up, clogs the chute and does not break up as it hits the ground.

Dry compost is imperative.

Walk Behind Top Dresser Rental / Compost Spreader Rental

Our compost spreader rental makes turf top dressing easy and accessible. Whether you are homeowner, landscaper or golf course superintendent, out top dresser will make the handling of sand, compost, soils and any custom blends easier.

It can handle screened loam, screened compost, light soil mixes, sand, pelletized lime and most other pelletized products

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Ecolawn 250 Top Dresser Rental in Massachusetts