Tree Care Tip:
Always leave the branch collar, the small ridge of raised bark where the limb meets the tree. The collar contains healing cells that will help the tree close over the cut limb


We Stihl Pole Saw Rental / Pole Pruners 
and every rental starts with a brand new chain!

We have the Newest Rental inventory in the area

Our Stihl HT131 Pole Saw Rental allows you to tackle low-hanging branches or higher trimming needs with comfort and ease.  Designed for professionals but easy enough for a homeowner to use. Thanks to it’s telescoping design, the pole pruner extends up to 11 1/2′, allowing up to a 16′ cutting height

This pole saw rental is the choice of tree service personnel, orchard workers, loggers and municipal crews!

This extra powerful, fuel-efficient Pole Pruner allows you to keep your feet on the ground and makes fast work of any tree maintenance you have.

The Stihl 131 cut through my oak branches like butter. I was surprised at how effective it was, and with the telescoping pole I could reach as high as I needed.”  SierraSawGuy

Please note:
This pole is 111″ long before it extends,  you will need a van or pickup truck to transport it

Every Pole Saw Rental starts with
a new chain, plenty of fuel and bar & chain oil

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