slice seeder rental will help you have a nicer lawn
lawn overseeder rental will help you have a nicer lawn
lawn overseeder rental will help your lawn look nicer

When to Overseed
In our area, the best time to overseed is late-April through May and early September through mid October. In the spring you need to make sure the grass is actively growing and that the ground is dry enough.

Using slice seeder rental to overseed and reseed your lawn

Overseeding the term for adding more grass seed to a lawn without turning the topsoil.

Overseeding or reseeding your lawn should be a part of your normal general lawn maintenance routine. Over time, grass gets old and needs to be replaced. Worn-out lawns invite weeds. Overseeding is a fast, inexpensive way to help bring your lawn back to its lush, green self without tearing everything out and starting over.

Some lawns might need overseeding once a year if drought or disease threaten the grass, and other lawns might need it every few years only to brighten the grass and keep it full.  Overseeding or slice seeding your lawn is also helpful to fill in bare spots in your lawn

Before Reseeding
We recommend dethatching and aerating before you reseed. Failing to do this, the seed won’t reach the soil to germinate and take root.

Dethatching removes the layer of dead organic material on top of the soil. Aerating creates holes in the grass and soil through which water, oxygen, and vital nutrients can reach the new grass seed and the roots of the existing grass.

We also recommend that before you reseed that you cut your lawn shorter than normal and bag the clippings so they don’t create a barrier between the soil and the seed.

Important Notes While Slice Seeding, Reseeding or Overseeding
1. The purpose of the blades is to break up the soil, NOT to create troughs for the seed to fall into.

2. You just need to get the seed in contact with the soil. 

3. You do NOT want to go deeper than 1/4″ or your new seed will not germinate and you risk cutting up your existing root structure, effectively killing your lawn

4. We recommend doing two passes (with 1/2 the seed flow) on a 45 degree angle.  This will breakup the surface better and provide better coverage than doing one pass. 

5. Do not do your second pass on a 90 degree angle or you will see a checkerboard pattern! 

After Reseeding
We strongly recommend fertilizing the area to help promote seed growth. 

IMPORTANT: if you are reseeding in the Spring you CANNOT use a traditional Step 1 fertilizer since it is a pre-emergent, meaning it stops seeds from growing and cannot tell the difference between grass seeds and weed seeds

Water the lawn every day for a short while.  We recommend early in the morning because more water will be absorbed into the soil versus later in the day when the sun will cause evaporation. 

We encourage you to reserve your overseeding equipment ahead of time.

Walk Behind Slice Seeder Rental

Our Slice Seeder Rentals and overseeder rental make reseeding or overseeing your lawn easy! It is a walk behind machine powered by a gas engine which drives rigid blades that cut 1/8″ to 1/4″ into the soil to help breakup the surface, making it more welcoming to the seed.  It the drops the seed and a flap moves the dirt to help cover the seed a bit.

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Self Propelled Slice Seeder Rental

Our Self Propelled Seeder is the most productive and powerful seeder on the market. With the ability to seed 24″ wide at 4 mph it is more than 50% more productive, allowing you to get more done in less time

Our self-propelled over seeder is great at helping rejuvenate your lawn. Featuring a true hydro-static drive system that allows you to go up to 4 mph forward and 2 mph in reverse and 12 counter rotating blades, the self propelled over seeder is designed for the landscape professional who wants superior results

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Stand-On Commercial Seeder Rental

This machine is a great labor saving when you have a large area to reseed or overseed.  It will aerate and overseed at the same time, accomplishing two vital tasks at the same time. 

Not only does it do two tasks at once, it does it quickly (up to 2 acres an hour) and easily.  It’s 50 pound seed hopper even reduces how often you need to come back and the seed

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Soil Culitvator / Lawn Rejuvenator Rental

Our Dingo Soil Cultivator rental is ideal for planting a new lawn or replacing an old lawn. In one pass it will till the top material under and leave you with a nice, finely tilled soil on top that is ready for you to seed.

Talk about efficient and labor saving – One person was able to use the Dingo Soil Cultivator, seed, roll, lime and fertilize a 3/4 acre lot in a day by themself!

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