Do I need a Temporary Hoisting License in Massachusetts and how do I get one?

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Do I need a Hoisting License in Massahcusetts?

Will you be using equipment that

– Can lift higher than 10 feet -or-
– Can lift great than 500 pounds -or-
– Can hold more than 1/4 cubic yard capacity

in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? 

If the answer to any one of these is yes, you need either a Hoisting Engineers License or a Temporary Hoisting Permit. 

Under Massachusetts Law (520 CMR 6.10) a Hoisting Engineers License is required to operate any equipment “with a minimum capability of hoisting the load higher than ten feet or has the capability of lifting loads greater than 500 pounds or if the capacity of the bucket exceeds 1/4 cubic yard capacity”

This law is in effect at every rental center in the state.  It requires us to ensure anyone renting our regulated equipment complies with the law.  This means we have to check that the operator has a valid Hoisting Engineers License or a valid Temporary Hoisting Permit.

Some common equipment that this regulations governs includes:
     Skid Steers (aka Bobcats)
     Tracked Loaders
     Mini Excavators

How do I get a Temporary Hoisting Permit?

Getting a Temporary Hoisting Permit is a quick and painless process.  We are a State Approved Short Term Rental Entity and can issue Temporary Hoisting Permits for our customers.

Getting a Temporary Hoisting Permit involves taking a 45 minute on-line course.  When that is completed you come in for 15 minutes (or more if needed) of hands-on training.

Typical cost is $25 per license classification.  For the record, Steves Rental gets no portion of this money.

A few things you should know about Temporary Hoisting Permit:

A Temporary Hoisting Permit is only good for the classifications you get it for (Loader, Excavator and/or Backhoe).  If you are going to need to rent more than one machine, you must get all classifications at the same time.

A Temporary Hoisting Permit is valid only at the rental facility it was issued by, is valid for 14 consecutive days and you can get one Temporary Hoisting Permit per 45 day period.

You can take the on-line course anytime in advance (even months!) and the permit will be activated (and your 14 days will start) when you come in for the hands-on training.

To get a Temporary Hoisting Permit you must be over 18 and have a valid drivers license to operate a motor vehicle.

When operating the equipment you must have your drivers license and Temporary Hoisting Permit on your person.

To take the on-line course, click here and when it asks for the Rental Facility ID Number enter 0203837

Feel free to give give us a call if you have any questions

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