12 inch wood chipper rental in Massachusetts

Our 12 inch Wood Chipper Rental is meant for serious work!

Professional Grade
Our Chipper Rental is a professional machine that will devour tree branches and tree trunks up to 12″ in diameter. 

Easy to Use
Even though it’s professional grade, it’s still easy to use! 

The SmartFeed™ feed-sensing control increases productivity by monitoring the engine rpm and automatically stopping and reversing the feed roller when feeding larger, hardwood material

The Ecoldle™ engine control system can help aid in noise reduction, as well as help consume less fuel, by automatically reducing engine speed after a period of inactivity if the feeding process has long interruptions

Safety First!
The 12″ Wood Chipper for rent has a feed bar across the top which will control whether the feed is going forward, reverse or stationary. 

There is a feed stop bar across the front of the feed table which protects the operator by stopping the feed into  the machine if bumped.  It is easily reset by the reset buttons on either side of the machine

Please Note:
The 12″ Wood Chipper requires a 3/4 ton (250/2500 series) or larger truck with a pintle hitch and a working RV style electric plug. Delivery service also available.

This chipper is for wood and tree branches.  It is not for roots, vines or vine-like materials, metal or anything other than wood or tree branches.

General Dimensions and Weights
Length – Feed Table Up, Tongue In 150 in
Length – Table Down, Tongue Extended 198 in
Width 66.5 in
Height 101 in
Weight – 4680 lbs
Tongue Weight – 520 lbs
Sound Power 119 dB

Number of Cylinders 4
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 89 hp
Torque (Max) 142 ft-lb
Fuel Tank Capacity 20 gal
Max Fuel Consumption 7.8 gph
Fuel Type Unleaded and E10 gasoline
Recommended Oil SAE 10W30
Maximum Angle of Continuous Operation 20 deg
Cooling Medium Liquid
Coolant Capacity (Engine and Radiator) 3.6 gal

Clutch Drive Engagement
Clutch Type Clutchless PTO
Clutch Drive Engagement Belt tensioner

Feed System
Infeed Throat Capacity 12″ H x 17″ W
Material Capacity 12 in
Feed Speed 118 ft/min
Infeed Table Width 52 in
Infeed Table Length 32 in
Infeed Hopper Height 12 in
Infeed Throat Capacity 12 ” x 17.5 ”
Distance from Feed Table to Ground 26 in

Discharge System
Chute Height 101 in
Chute Rotation Angle 270 deg
Rotation Type Manual rotate with pin lock
Rotational Lock Yes

Hydraulic System

Tank capacity 7 gal

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rent wood chipper Massachusetts
rent wood chipper Massachusetts
12 inch wood chippers for rent