Scaffolding for rental - cover your house

We offer Scaffolding Rental for all types of projects!

From painting a house to chimney work to working inside a house or building, we have the scaffold rental you need!

5' x 5' rolling scaffold tower for rental

Traditional Scaffolding

We offer traditional scaffolding or pipe staging for both stationary use as well as rolling towers that can be moved as your project progresses

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Rental scaffolding in use for home repair
rental Interior Scaffold work platform in use

Interior Work Platforms & Baker Frames

This scaffolding is specifically intended for use inside.  It can be set up as tall as 18′. Since it is only 30″ wide so it can easily fit through most doorways even when assembled.

You can adjust the work platform height every 2″ so you can set it perfectly for the project at hand.  It’s so versatile that it can even be set up on stairs!

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6' rental Interior Scaffold work platform being used on stairs