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 What does a sod cutter do?
A sod cutter rental is designed to remove strips of grass up to 18″ width and up to 2 1/2″ deep from a lawn with the roots and most of the soil attached.

It is often used to create or expand landscape beds, walkways or patios.  The nice thing is you can transplant the strips of sod to areas of the lawn which may not be growing as well.  The the roots will re-establish themselves in the new location and give you an instantly nicer lawn.

This easy to operate, self-propelled sod cutter is comfortable to use with variable ground speeds and intuitive controls. Our sod cutter has easily adjustable cutting depths up to 2 1/2” thick. 

Features of our Sod Cutter Rental
18″ width cutting blade is laser hardened and produces cleaner, smoother results.
Well balanced, allowing finger tip control
Drive wheels are designed to shed mud and provide grip for improved cutting in all conditions
Super easy cutting height adjustment
The handle has isolation mounts which greatly reduce vibration to the operator
The Self-propelled drive system features variable speed which gives you better cutting control.
The Self-Propelled drive system allows for easy loading and unloading


Width (in.): 26.5
Lenth (in.): 60
Height (in.): 38.5
Cutting Width (in.): 18
Weight (lbs.): 395
Maximum Cutting Depth (in.): 2.5

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