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Our Innovative Two-Way Log Splitter Rental will split more wood in a LOT less time!

Our Two-Way Log Splitter s unique in that it splits in BOTH directions.  Traditional splitters split in one direction and then you have to retract the ram before splitting the next log.  This results in wasted time.

With the Two-way Log Splitter, you split one log and then put the next log on and split it on the backstroke. No wasted time!

Lower Your Log Splitting Time Even More
With a traditional log splitter you put a log on the beam and then split it in half.  Then you put one half on the beam and split it, the put the other half on the beam and split that.  Three splitting actions (with wasted retraction time) to get four pieces.

Our Two-way splitter has a 4-way Wedge Option that allows you to split your log into four pieces in one splitting action.  What just took three splitting actions can now be done with one!

The 20-22 tons of splitting force has plenty of power to split large 36”+ diameter rounds

This log splitter requires a 2″ ball to be towed.
If your towing vehicle has a 2″ square receiver, we have a 2″ ball available for rental


Using a log splitter rental to split a large log
Standard Wedge
Log splitter rental with a 4 way wedge for faster splitting
Optional 4-Way Wedge
log splitter rental in Massachusetts
With the optional 4-Way Wedge

Splitting Force 20 tons
Cycle Speed 9 – 11 seconds
Maximum log length 24″
Hitch Size 2″ ball coupler
Weight 500 lbs
Bed Height 24″
Knife Height 9” 2-way | 9½” / 4-way
Power Source Honda GX 200 – 3465
Pump 11 GPM low pressure | 2.7 GPM high pressure
Reservoir 12.5 L
Stroke Length 24″
Bed Width 15″
Overall Width 40″
Overall Length 86″
Overall Height 34″
Cylinder Size 3½” x 24″
Tire Size 4.80″ x 8″

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