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What is Stump Grinding?
Stump grinding is fairly a quick and affordable way to get rid of tree stumps in your yard. Basically, the stump grinder is a powerful machine with a spinning carbide-tipped steel wheel which will cut into the stump, turning to wood chips or mulch

What are the benefits of stump grinding?
Stump grinding has various advantages, such as limiting the regrowth of an unwanted tree. The aesthetic of your landscape will be improved by stump grinding.  It also makes room in your yard for landscaping, patios, and outdoor furniture that would be impossible to use if there was a stump in the way.

Stump grinding will make your yard safer by eliminating a trip hazard and removing a potential home to a ants, bees, snakes and termites. Decomposing tree stumps also attract mold and fungi which can spread to other areas and try to kill other plants’ life.

Is it hard to use a stump grinder?
Stump grinders are relatively easy to use. You lower the cutting wheel onto the edge of the stump and sweep it from side to side, each action grinding deeper into the stump. The entire tree stump, including the major roots below the stump, is eventually ground up into small wood chips which you can use as mulch or move to another location on your property and allow to decompose.

How to Prepare your Stump
Trim the stump close to the ground with a chainsaw to speed up the stump grinding process.

Using a shovel, remove rocks and sticks from around the stump’s base. We recommend digging a foot wider the the deepest point you want to remove the from.  This is an important step since any rocks left will damage the stump grinder’s wheel teeth and/or risk flying up and injuring people.

If there are plants and bushes around the stump blocking visibility you will want to trim them or remove them to improve visibility.

Cut the lawn short in the area you are grinding, this will make cleaning up the chips easier after the stump is gone.

How to Stump Grind

This is a simplified example, Be sure to always read and follow the operator’s manual instructions and wear the manfacturers recommended safety equipment

Approach the stump, lift the grinder wheel a few inches above the stump, go to the stump’s edge, lower the wheel blade, and begin cutting, sweeping side to side

TIP:  It is much more efficient to use the stump grinder to nibble at the stump, rather than trying to take larger bites. Larger bites will slow the cutter down, causing you to raise it and let it regain speed before going back into the stump.  Nibbling will allow you to remove the stump at a consistent speed.

After each sweep, lower the cutter a bit and begin the next sweep
Continue stump grinding until the stump has been ground down at least 4 inches below the surface of the ground and the entire stump and base roots have been cut away.

Clean up the area once the stump grinding is finished. The wood chips will be shoveled and raked up to be utilized as mulch.

Fill the area with soil, tamp it down, and lightly rake for an even surface. We do not recommend refilling the hole with the chips since they will decompose over time and in a few years you will end up with a growing depression in your lawn.

B&S Vanguard V-Twin 31hp
5 Fuel Capacity (gasoline)

Height: 49.5″
Length (head to side): 79″
Length (head straight): 98″
Width: 35.5″
Weight: 1,700 lb.

Hydraulic Reservoir: 14 gallons
Hydraulic Flow to Head: 13.3gpm

Track Width: 7.1″
Total Ground Contact: 470 sq. in.
Ground Drive Forward: 290 ft/min
Ground Drive Reverse: 180 ft/min

Cutting Wheel: 19.2″ diameter to tooth
Cutting Teeth: 0.750 thick, 16 green teeth
Cutting Depth: 12″
Cutting Height: 32″
Head Swing: 134˚, 99.7″ arc

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