Powerful and Easy to Use!

Our Mini Articulated Loader rental is a great way to easily move materials, dig for a walkway or patio and much more!

The Mini Articulated Loader offers convenience, power and speed.  It can lift more 3600 lbs!) and move faster ( 10 mph) than a tracked loader.  It offers a 10′ 2″ dump height and a telescoping boom, all in a lightweight (5200 lb.) but powerful (57 hp) package. 
Avant 755i mini articulated loader for rent
Avant 755i Mini Articulated Loader rental Millis MA
Each wheel turns at it’s own speed, preventing “scrubbing” the wheels as you make a turn allowing you to drive over lawns, paths and irregular surfaces without the damage a skid steer or tracked loader would cause.
This machine is an operator’s dream!  Being seated up higher and unparalleled visibility makes navigating the jobsite easier.  A familiar steering, forward/reverse pedals and 8 way joystick make operating easy.  The cab even offers an AM/FM radio and is enclosed and heated for winter use.
The Mini Articulated Loader requires a 3/4 ton truck (250 or 2500 series) or larger with an RV Style (7 blade) electric plug, a brake controller and a pintle hitch or receiver to tow it with one of our trailers. Delivery is available
Please note:
Under Massachusetts Law a Hoisting Engineers License is required to operate this machine. If you do not have one, you can get a Temporary Hoisting Permit.  To get a Temporary Hoisting Permit please go to https://www.atleisurelicense.com/temp_permits and enter our Rental Facility ID Number which is 0203837

Heat / AC
(door is removed during warm weather)
AM/FM Radio
Work Lights
Road Traffic Kit
Flashing Lights 

Diesel Tank: 11 gal
Length: 121″
Width: 52″
Height: 85″
Weight: 5200 lbs (approx)
Turning Radius
     Inside 49.2″
     Outside 105.3″
Max Lifting Height 122″
Max Drive Speed: 10 mph
Tipping Load*: 3600 lbs
(* measure at 15.8 from the attachment coupling plate and equipped with rear side weights)

Avant 755i Rental
Avant 755i Mini Articulated loader rental in Massachusetts
Avant 755i mini articulated loader Rental
Avant 755i mini articulated loader Rental Millis MA