Steves Rental is pleased to offer Stand On Mower Rental, specifically the 52″ Wright X Stander!
The Stander X Gen2 is the latest in Stand On Mower technology. Every detail has been refined to give the operator a superior mowing experience. Progressive platform suspension allows for all-day comfort, ball-bearing controls give tactile feedback, and the robust electrical system allow for maximum uptime. These details combine to create a cohesive high-performance Stand On Mower cutting at almost 10 mph and capable of cutting almost 5 acres an hour
The Stander X stand on mower comes with one of the most advanced cutting decks available today, the revolutionary Wright AERO CORE™ deck. Every inch of the deck is designed to deliver unparalleled cut quality and turn-on-a-dime maneuverability. The deck allows you to custom cut your lawns by allowing a 1 1/2″ to 5 1/2″ cutting height, selectable in 1/4″ increments.
Comfortable Suspension Platform
Ball Bearing Controls
360-Degree Visibility
8 Gallon puncture resistant Fuel-Tank
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Kawasaki FX730E
Electric Start
Horsepower: 23.5 HP
Fuel Capacity: 8 Gallons

Forward Speed: 9.5 MPH
Reverse Speed: 5.5 MPH
Fuel Capacity: 8 GAL
Max Acres Per Hour: 4.99

Type: Hydro

Deck Size: 52″
Deck Type: Floating-side discharge
Blade Quantity: 3
Blade Length: 18″
Cut Height:
Minimum: 1.5″
Maximum: 5.5″

Dimensions & Weight
Weight: 920 LB
Length: 66″
     w/ Deflector Down: 65″
     w/ Deflector Up: 53″

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