garden rototiller rental

Need to do some rototilling?  We have the rental rototiller you need!

Whether you are simply rototilling over the garden from last year, install a new garden or replace some of all of your lawn, we have rent the the rototiller you need!

We encourage you to reserve your rototiller ahead of time.

Barreto Hydraulic Rear Tine Rototiller Rental

This is the best rototiller to use when you have a larger area to rototill such as a larger old garden or a larger lawn area you want to replace.  It’s hydraulic power is what you need to break through and turn over the hard, compacted soil.

It’s self propelled feature makes it much easier to use than a mid tine tiller and is much easier on the user

Please note: you need a full size van, pickup truck or a trailer to transport the Barreto rear tine rototiller.  It will not fit in a car, SUV or most minivans

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Soil Culitvator / Lawn Rejuvenator Rental

If you have a larger area you want to rototill, our Dingo Soil Cultivator rental is ideal!

It is great for planting replacing an old lawn a new lawn. In one pass it will till the top material under and leave you with a nice, finely tilled soil on top that is ready for you to seed.

Talk about efficient and labor saving – One person was able to use the Dingo Soil Cultivator, seed, roll, lime and fertilize a 3/4 acre lot in a day by themself!

Delivery is available

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