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We have the Power Rake rental equipment you need to de-thatch and power rake your lawn for a better, healthier lawn.

What is thatch?
Thatch is a loose, intermingled layer of dead and living clippings, shoots, stems, and roots that develops on a lawn between the grass top and the soil surface. Thatch is the result of material building up faster than it can be broken down.

Why is thatch bad?
When thatch build-up exceeds 1/2 inch, it can prevent the exchange of water and vital nutrients from the atmosphere to the soil, decreasing the turf’s ability to thrive and fight disease and dehydration.

A healthy lawn requires adequate water, an exchange of oxygen and nutrients and a level of microbial activity in its soil. A thatch layer
acts as an insulator, keeping soil temperatures low and helping retain moisture which can result in mold or mildew.

What is de-thatching?
De-thatching, also known as power raking, is a process that removes unwanted thatch. It uses a gas powered machine with flail blades to loosen the thatch and bring it to the surface for removal.

To prevent damage to your lawn, it’s important to insure that the blades of the dethatcher are only touching the top of soil.

When should I De-thatch or Power Rake
It’s recommended to dethatch in early spring or late fall to allow the lawn a better chance of recovery after combing. Before de-thatching or power raking make sure you cut the grass shorter than normal and that the grass and ground is dry.

We encourage you to reserve your power rake rental
or lawn dethatcher rental ahead of time.

Power Rake Rental and Lawn Dethatcher Rental

Our power rake rentals will help make quick and efficient work of your lawn clean-up project.  They will help loosen and bring the thatch to the top of your lawn for easy collection

The handles on our power rakes fold down so they will fit in most SUV’s and mini-vans and many hatchback style vehicles.  They do not fit well into a traditional trunk space

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